John Bray - Chicago Based Freelance Writer

Dashing? Perhaps. Damn good with words? Definitely. Details on John’s work and background can be found below. If you just wanted to put a face with the name, look no further.

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* Nobody’s perfect


John Bray is a Chicago based freelance writer and author. He’s constantly toeing the line between creative and technical writing while looking for a place to display his well-crafted words so that others can benefit from them. He has a Bachelors of Science in English but now draws most of his motivation and inspiration from his son who has an endless drive to learn, discover, and experiment, never letting failure dictate his next move. John enjoys striped socks, parallel lines in freshly mowed lawns, warm baked goods in the morning, a well-made drink, and photography.


John treats everything like it’s a piece of creative writing because any piece of writing lacking creativity isn’t worth reading. What does that mean? Well, think of what would happen if Hemingway wrote a white paper or a case study. Now take out a bunch of the fluff while keeping a bit of that literary finesse.

He’s written case studies, technical white papers, user guides, company profiles, personal braining piece, bits of short fiction, well-researched articles for various publications, a children’s book and more.


You need words, John writes words. That sounds simple, but writing is anything but simple. Yes, anyone can write but not just anyone can write. John’s educational background in creative writing blends with his professional background in technical communication, marketing strategy, and branding, making him a unique mix of professionalism and prose (he’s never seen eye to eye with poetry).


Anywhere. The Internet is the place for everything and web copy is of utmost importance, but print isn’t dead. When it comes to publications, consumer magazines (food/lifestyle, luxury), trade journals (industrial, retail, consumer), literary journals, and online extensions of print publications are what he typically targets for journalism pieces.