Content Marketing

Content marketing is a careful combination of several professional writing services and it’s critical to your success. Think of content marketing as your logo in word form. Your content should answer your customers’ questions and give your brand a strong voice. Rather than piecing things together and hoping for the best, let a professional copywriter give you the words you need when you need them.

Content is an art, not an afterthought.

Feature Writing

John Bray delivers clean, compelling feature stories on a wide variety of topics and his shorter front-of-book (or elsewhere) pieces are no less enjoyable. His primary areas of focus include pharmaceuticals, luxury, lifestyle and the retail market. For examples of his published work – both print and digital – visit his Portfolio page.

Technical Writing

Writing detailed copy that’s informative and interesting to read is challenging but possible. John approaches technical writing with a creative edge that overcomes this challenge and produces engaging content. Yes, subject matter experts are still needed, but a professional writer makes all the difference. For examples of John’s creative technical writing, please contact him


Maybe you’ve got all or most of the words you need but they aren’t saying what you want them to say? That’s fine. John Bray can take those words, whip them into shape, and help you make a statement with your copy. From grammar and spelling to flow and voice, John’s editing prowess will have things in tip-top shape.

Creative Collaboration

Maybe you’re an illustrator? A designer? A photographer? Whatever the case may be, if you’ve got something you’d like to bring to life and you’re missing the written component, John would love to hear about it. He enjoys collaboration and respects the way in which words interact with visual elements.